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The Westminster Historical Society was formed in 1962 to promote and preserve local Colorado history. 

The Bowles House Museum is located in Westminster,Colorado at 3924 West 72nd Avenue 

The Westminster History Center is located in Westminster, Colorado at 7200 Lowell Boulevard.

The Westminster Historical Society meets the second Saturday of each month.  See our calendar of events for location.

The Westminster Historical Society has either placed or helped to place the following properties on the National Register of Historic Places:  Bowles House, Pleasant DeSpain Building, Gregory House, Pillar of Fire (Westminster University), Union High School.

Westminster Historical Society Leadership Team:

President:  Linda Graybeal (term expires 11/2015)

Vice President:  Linda Cherrington (term expires 11/2016)

Secretary:  Elaine Egan (term expires 11/2015)

Treasurer:  Michele Kelley (term expires 11/2016)

Gary Shea (term expires 11/2015)

Bobbie Lowe (term expire 11/2015)

Kathy Pascoe (term expires 11/2016)

Nancy McNally (term expires 11/2016)

Adam Jacobson (term expires 11/2017)

Jeff Heineman (term expires 11/2017)

Mary Lindsey (term expires 11/2017)

Westminster History Center Director:  Amy Newman

2014 Historical Society Accomplishments

*Continue to work on School District 50 donated items

*Added more oral and family histories to our collections

*Published 2015 Calendar "It's About Time"

*Participated in Historic Westminster Arts District ART WALKS

* Shared our history with 273 in the community, schools and city of Westminster

*There were 1017 visitors to the Westminster History Center since its opening in April

*There were 456 visitors to the museum in 2013 (making a grand total of 33,273 since our opening in 1988).

*Our volunteers contributed 6,159 hours to make sure we our history lives on.  These are the people that plan and carry out our events, plan, put up and take down our exhibits, take our donations to the Historical Society, the never ending input into the computer, record and make hard copies of oral histories, conduct tours, take our history to the community, explore fundraising projects, research, prepare the newsletter and conduct the business of the Westminster Historical Society


 Display at College Hill Library - 2014 Calendar


Display at College Hill Library - Semper Farm

Bob & Linda Graybeal participated in the 2014 Westminster Lecture Series speaking on dinosaurs and creation of area Indian trails and early settlers.


The public opening of the Westminster History Center was April 26 featuring the exhibit "A Walk Through Westminster".

 Received a donation from the Harris Park Irrigation Company


Honored the Jacobson Family with the Historic Preservation Award for the preservation of their home.


Display at College Hill -  Savery Farm

Participated in the Westminster Jazz Festival


Annual vintage Baseball and Ice Cream Social


Hosted a booth at the Westy Fest

Hosted 75 children from the Lakeside YMCA at the Bowles House and the Westminster History Center

College Hill display - "Teachers"


Annual Tea featuring  Virgil Hughes and his antique instruments.

Linda Cherrington and Linda Graybeal participated in the Westminster Lecture Series at the Pillar of Fire.

Participated in the 5th Annual Orchard Festival

Survived a raccoon and squirrel attack on the Town Hall roof

Dr. Tom Noel visited the Westminster History Center


Received SCFD Funding for Westminster Historical Society and Westminster History Center programs

Hosted a book signing for Jeff Heineman's book "80 Years of Service", a complete history of the Westminster Fire Department


Westminster  Elementary School students decorated the Bowles House for Christmas.

Held a Budget and Strategic Planning Session for the Board of Trustees


Organized the 26th Annual Hometown Christmas featuring the Shaw Heights Middle School Choir and tree lightng by Vi June

Hosted the Victorian Open House in conjunction with the Friends of the Westminster Library featuring speaker Steven Lee portraying Otto Mears.